A Little About Myself...

Well, I'm an 18-year-old vegan girl who recently "still" lives with her family which consists of my twin sister, my mother and my elder brothers.

I don't know whether you might have noticed, but I'm actually not an English native speaker.

I was born and live in Germany. That's the reason why my English is not always 100% accurate but i will improve and fortunately I love learning languages. Why I have decided to write in English, nevertheless? 

I chose English because I think that - compared to such a language as German- English is understood and spoken nearly everywhere. In addition to that it kinda makes me feel more motivated because of that reachability. It's a good feeling knowing that people all over the world may be able to read this.

Now, back to a bit more personally aspects of my life...

Above I listed my family members and totally forget mentioning my best friend and dog Pepe! (Sorry, little Pooper!) - He's an almost 2 year old Yorkshire Terrier and came to my family when he was a little puppy.

I had never thought that there could develop such a close link between human and animal as it is between me and Pepe.


My Hobbies:

Sports: Jogging, exercising, Martial Arts ( I do a kind of Self-Defense which is called Krav  Maga)   

            Riding Bike and I newly discovered Yoga. :)


Other:  Reading ( especially historical novels, Drawing and Photography or just anything connected with Art,

           taking Pepe for long walks, baking and cooking  and so much more! There are many beautiful things

            in life!


Favourite Food: There's way to many tasty, vegan stuff! But I think of all meals, Breakfast is the best! ;)



For now, that should be enough! I will upload more, soon! I'll promise you!




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