How Discovered My Passion For Running...
03.08.2013 11:10

Good Moooorning!

Today, early in the morning... Exactly 5.00 pm my alarm rang. I just awoke and before any negative thought had the chance to appear in my mind, I pulled my Jogging Clothes on and a bit later I already stood outside.

It is so beautiful to stand outside and nobody is there. The usually busy road was empty. And especially that extreme heat haven't been there, too.

The last days were really like hell outside. I felt like being grilled or something like that. Did I mention, that it also was still dark outside?! ;) I really, really enjoyed this jogging tour.

Honestly, it was the first time ever, I went jogging. Okay, in the past I've gone for maybe 4-5 times, but this one was totally different.

I was surprised about my own endurance: I managed to run an entire hour without a break!!!

I can only repeat myself by mentioning how much fun it was!

By the way, I exercised every day so maybe it is not "such" a surprise I managed to run that long. The last weeks or perhaps month my workout consisted of 30 minutes of stair climbing out of running. I did that 5-6 times a week.

But now, I felt like there was time for a little change within my daily workout. So a tried to go jogging!

And I think will definitely keep it up!

Until there's again time for change... 'Cause I really want to be mindful of a varied workout plan!


Much Love,


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